How To Use WhatsApp Business (2023)

Did you know that WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users and has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world? Businesses of all sizes can leverage WhatsApp to enhance communication with prospects and customers by using the WhatsApp Business application.

In this WhatsApp Business tutorial article for beginners, I will walk you through the extensive features that the WhatsApp Business app has to offer in 2023. Now, let’s dive into the WhatsApp Business app.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business

If you haven’t already, download the WhatsApp Business application on your iOS or Android device. Once downloaded, open the application.

If it’s your first time using WhatsApp Business, you’ll need to add your business name and other basic details, such as the category of your business and a brief description. For this tutorial, I’ll be using a test account to showcase the features.

It’s important to note that you can have both the regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business apps on your phone. However, you can only use one phone number for each app. If your phone supports dual SIMs, you can use your personal number for regular WhatsApp and your business number for WhatsApp Business.

Features of WhatsApp Business

When you open WhatsApp Business, you’ll notice that it has similar features to the regular WhatsApp application. However, there are a few additional features built specifically for businesses.


In the “Chats” section, you can label your contacts, pin, delete, or mute chats. You can also access additional options by clicking on the three dots next to a chat, such as archiving, adding to shortcuts, and marking it as unread.


In the “Status” section, you can create photos, videos, or text statuses that last for 24 hours. This is a great way to update your contacts about what’s happening in your business, such as deals or promotions.


In the “Calls” section, you can manage all your calls with contacts.

Business Tools

By clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of WhatsApp Business, you can access “Business Tools.”

Business Profile

In the “Business Profile” section, you can update information about your business, such as your business name, description, address, business hours, email, and website. You can also add additional websites and connect WhatsApp Business to your Facebook business page and Instagram profile for easier communication with your audience.


The “Catalog” section allows you to add new items, which represent the products or services your business offers. You can add images, names, prices, descriptions, and additional details like links and item codes. You can also create collections to manage your items.

These are the main features of WhatsApp Business that can help enhance communication with your prospects and customers. Make sure to take the time to set up and optimize your business profile and catalog to make the most out of this app.

Add New Collection

I have a consulting catalog that I created earlier and I added the item “Strategy Session” to that catalog. Within that consulting catalog, I have a strategy session, but I could also add other different types of consulting services that we provide.

Navigating Business Tools

To navigate back to Business Tools, click on “Back”. Under Catalog, we have messaging options:

  • Greeting Message: Customize the greeting message sent to customers when they message us for the first time or after 14 days of no activity.
  • Away Message: Enable automatic reply when you’re away.
  • Quick Replies: Create snippets to quickly respond to customers.

Greeting Message

Personalize your greeting message and control its recipients to ensure effective communication.

Away Message

Activate the auto-reply feature when you are away and tailor the message and recipients to stay in touch professionally.

Quick Replies

Craft quick and efficient responses for seamless communication with your valued customers. Incorporate shortcuts and customize the reply messages for greater efficiency.


Tailor and efficiently manage labels to streamline your audience, prospects, and customer organization professionally.


In the chat window, you can access Quick Replies and Catalogs:

  • Quick Replies: Select a quick reply to send.
  • Catalogs: Send catalogs and items to your contacts.

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