Chandrayaan-3 Latest Modifications

The new Vikram lander's legs have been reinforced to ensure safe landing at speeds up to 10.8 kilometers per hour.

Chandrayaan-3 carries more fuel than its predecessor, enabling last-minute adjustments if required.

The new Vikram lander boasts solar panels on all four sides, a step up from its predecessor's two-sided configuration.

Additional Instruments and Enhanced Software

RAMBHA: Studies surface plasma on the moon.

ChaSTE: Investigates thermal properties of the lunar surface near the polar region.

ILSA: Measures lunar quakes, studies lunar crust and mantle composition.

LRA: A passive experiment from NASA for precise measurements in future missions using lasers.

This ISRO mission stands as a testament to human ingenuity and determination, pushing the boundaries of space exploration and guiding humanity's ongoing journey into the cosmos.