10 essential software you need for your gaming PC

10 essential software you need for your gaming PC

Steam- Enjoy user-generated content and game streaming via Steam Broadcasting.

Discord offers secure chat with voice, video, and text features. Join a global community for unmatched opportunities.

Opera GX enhances gaming with ad blocker, Twitch, and gaming news. Ideal for focused gamers

MSI Afterburner, provides free overclocking with an intuitive interface. Customize profiles and optimize graphics for an enhanced gaming experience.

OBS Studio is a powerful free software for livestreaming and recording. Versatile for games, video conferencing, and tutorials.

Razer Cortex enhances gaming with Game Booster for performance, RAM, and startup.

GeForce Experience is essential for Nvidia users, offering game optimization, updates, recording, and Ansel photo mode.

Malwarebytes provides real-time malware defense, site-blocking browser extension, VPN, and PC cleanup.

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