Elgato Prompter: The Game-Changer in Teleprompter Technology

Elgato, a company well-known for its innovative tech products, has taken a page from Apple’s playbook with its latest release, the Elgato Prompter. Apple is renowned for taking existing ideas and refining them to create products that capture the mainstream audience. Elgato’s new teleprompter, the Elgato Prompter, is a prime example of this approach. While teleprompters aren’t new, they’ve often been considered niche devices due to various drawbacks.

However, Elgato’s Prompter aims to change that narrative by introducing several groundbreaking features that make it not just a teleprompter but a versatile tool for content creators, video conferencing, and more. In this article, we will delve into the features and potential of the Elgato Prompter, and explore its implications for the world of content creation.

The Teleprompter’s Traditional Limitations

Teleprompters are essentially two-way mirrors placed in front of a camera. They allow the person in front of the camera to read a script while appearing to look directly into the camera. However, traditional teleprompters come with their fair share of limitations. One major drawback is the need to use your own phone or tablet as the screen, which can be inconvenient and limit the usability of the device. Moreover, they are often expensive, which further restricts their accessibility.

The Elgato Prompter: A Game Changer

Elgato Prompter

Elgato’s Prompter has brought a revolution to the world of teleprompters by addressing many of these limitations. The standout feature of the Elgato Prompter is its built-in monitor, which sets it apart from traditional teleprompters. This built-in monitor can be connected to your computer as a second screen, offering immense versatility. This innovation effectively transforms the teleprompter into a multifunctional device that goes beyond reading scripts.

Text on the Screen

One of the most obvious use cases for the Elgato Prompter is displaying text on the screen. This feature is especially powerful when combined with a stream deck, as it enhances the teleprompter experience. Content creators can now easily read their scripts while maintaining eye contact with the camera, thanks to the built-in monitor.

Enhancing Video Editing with Sizzle

Elgato’s Prompter goes a step further by integrating with a tool called Sizzle, which can transform live streams into social media highlights and compilations. This tool does so with minimal effort and no editing skills required. It automatically identifies key moments in the stream, such as kills, headshots, knockdowns, and sniper kills, and creates compelling compilations. This feature is a game-changer for content creators looking to repurpose their live streams into shareable content.

Zoom Calls Redefined

The Elgato Prompter isn’t limited to content creation; it’s equally valuable for Zoom calls and virtual meetings. With the Prompter, your Zoom calls can be elevated to a new level. It allows participants to maintain eye contact with the camera, fostering a more natural and engaging conversation. This is a significant benefit in the era of remote work and virtual communication.

A Game-Changer for Camera Monitoring

Another significant innovation of the Elgato Prompter is its function as a camera monitor. Traditional cameras often have small screens that are situated next to the lens, making it tempting to look at the screen instead of the lens. The Prompter’s screen can serve as a viewfinder, enabling content creators to maintain eye contact with the lens while monitoring their shots. This feature is a significant improvement over traditional teleprompters and can greatly enhance the quality of video content.

Twitch Chat Integration

Elgato Prompter

For content creators who live-stream on platforms like Twitch, Elgato has integrated a native Twitch chat function into the Prompter. This function displays the chat on the screen with optimized text sizing and color, allowing streamers to engage with their audience more effectively. This integration adds an interactive element to the teleprompter, creating a sense of connection between the content creator and their viewers.

Versatility in Camera Compatibility

Elgato has put considerable effort into making the Prompter compatible with a wide range of cameras. It includes multiple plates on the back that can be swapped out to accommodate different camera models. The Prompter’s huge nine-inch (1024 x 600) display reflects onto beamsplitter glass, allowing cameras to record through it without recording what is being shown on the screen. Whether you’re using a webcam, a GoPro, a full-size camera, or even your phone, the Elgato Prompter can adapt to your needs. This versatility is a testament to Elgato’s commitment to creating a product that can cater to a diverse user base.

Room for Future Innovation

While the Elgato Prompter already offers a host of groundbreaking features, there’s room for further innovation. As content creators and technology enthusiasts explore the possibilities of this multifunctional teleprompter, it’s likely that new use cases and features will emerge. For instance, there’s potential for an even larger version of the Prompter, perhaps with built-in features like powered USB or a cam link, which could streamline the setup for camera integration.

The Elgato Prompter is more than just a teleprompter; it’s a versatile tool that caters to the needs of content creators, professionals, and even casual users. By integrating features like a built-in monitor, text display, video editing tools, and Zoom call enhancement, Elgato has redefined what a teleprompter can be. The Prompter not only makes teleprompters more accessible but also adds value to various other aspects of content creation and communication. As technology continues to evolve, the Elgato Prompter stands as a prime example of how innovation can transform even the most niche products into game-changing devices with broad appeal.

Elgato has indeed made teleprompters “Apple enough” to capture the imagination of a wide audience, and it will be exciting to see how content creators and technology enthusiasts leverage its capabilities in the future.

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