Exploring OxygenOS 14: What’s New in the First Open Beta for OnePlus 11

OnePlus enthusiasts, rejoice! The highly anticipated OxygenOS 14 is here, and it’s making its debut in the form of the first open beta for the OnePlus 11. After several alpha builds, OnePlus is finally giving users a taste of what’s to come in this next iteration of their operating system. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting new features and changes that OxygenOS 14 brings to the table.

Introducing OxygenOS 14

The first noticeable change is the version number itself. OxygenOS 14 has replaced OxygenOS 13.1, signaling a significant update. The beta version bears the number, and it still includes the August 2023 security patch.

Benchmarking and Performance

To assess the performance of OxygenOS 14, benchmark tests were conducted. In high-performance mode, the single-core score reached 2020, while the multi-core score achieved 5334. Comparatively, the previous build scored slightly lower, with a single-core score of 2001 and a multi-core score of 5018. However, it’s worth noting that some users reported throttling issues when device temperatures rose, with the CPU throttling up to 58%.

User Interface Tweaks

OxygenOS 14 introduces several UI changes. The lock screen now features a grayish background for the number pad when using a PIN to unlock your device. Additionally, the charging animation has been revamped to enhance visibility. On the home screen, a new search tab has been added at the bottom, but users have the option to disable it in launcher settings.

Quick Setting Tiles

While quick-setting tiles remain mostly unchanged, there’s a hint of upcoming changes in the display section. It appears that OnePlus might redesign the quick setting tiles in future OxygenOS 14 updates. The display section now features a preview resembling the design seen in One UI 6.0.

File Dock Feature Removal

A notable omission in the first open beta is the removal of the file dock feature, which was present in alpha builds. File dock was a useful feature for saving text or images, and its absence in the beta raises questions about OnePlus’ decision.

App Drawer and Alert Slider

The app drawer has received minor tweaks, with changes in the size and background of alphabet indicators. Meanwhile, the alert slider no longer changes shape or position according to the slider’s position.

Camera Improvements

The camera UI has undergone a revamp, and OnePlus 11 now boasts a 5x zoom feature. Detailed camera quality assessments will be provided in the upcoming full review, which will cover camera quality, gaming performance, battery life, and more.

Gallery App Enhancements

The gallery app has received slight upgrades, including the ability to add or remove the Hasselblad exclusive watermark. Additionally, it now provides more detailed information and live cell tips.

AOD Styles and Carbon Footprint

OnePlus has introduced new Always-On Display (AOD) styles, including one focused on reducing carbon emissions. Users can set daily goals to reduce their carbon footprint and track their progress on the AOD.

Smart Suggestions on AOD

A notable feature is the introduction of smart suggestions on the Always-On Display. Users can track their rides and food deliveries directly from the AOD, providing convenience and quick access to essential information.

Screen Resolution Preview

OxygenOS 14 introduces a new preview option for screen resolution settings, enhancing the user experience.

Smooth Performance and Future Updates

OnePlus 11 users have reported a smooth and lag-free experience with OxygenOS 14. The video creator hints at more features to be unlocked in future beta releases, including the possible return of the file dock and changes to the quick setting panel.

OxygenOS 14’s first open beta for the OnePlus 11 offers a glimpse into the future of OnePlus’ operating system. With UI tweaks, improved camera features, and a focus on sustainability with the carbon footprint AOD style, OnePlus continues to innovate and cater to user needs. As the beta progresses, users can anticipate further enhancements and refinements in subsequent updates. Stay tuned for the full review that will delve deeper into the performance and capabilities of OxygenOS 14 on the OnePlus 11.

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