Samsung Tab S9 Ultra: Better than iPad?

In a world where tablets have become a staple of modern technology, the battle for supremacy continues to unfold between industry giants. Samsung’s latest contender, the Samsung Tab S9 Ultra, steps into the arena with the promise of challenging the dominance of Apple’s iPad Pro. The question on everyone’s minds remains – can it truly be dubbed an “iPad killer”?

Unveiling the Samsung Tab S9 Ultra

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, the pinnacle of Samsung’s Android tablet lineup, boasts an array of features that have garnered attention and generated fervent discussion. A prominent tech reviewer, in a YouTube video dissecting the intricacies of this behemoth tablet, delves deep into the nitty-gritty details that could potentially redefine the tablet landscape.

Here is the feature list:

  • Unmatched Display of 14.6-inch screen, a mini TV in hand. Thin yet resilient.
  • Powerful Performance New Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, vapor chamber cooling, game changer. Smooth multitasking, gaming, and editing. Battery beats Apple.
  • Immersive Sound 20% bigger speakers, surround sound with Dolby Atmos.
  • Built Tough Water, dust-resistant IP68. S Pen too. Waterproof, charges both ways.
  • Fast Charging, New Style No brick, but rapid 45W charge. Anker’s Prime desktop charger is an option.
  • User Experience Matters Big screen, speed, and 16GB RAM for media lovers. Apple’s pull, ecosystem effect.
  • It comes at a reasonable price of 1600 USD.
  • Battle Beyond Specs Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra wows, but Apple’s loyalty matters.
  • The Ultimate Showdown Impressive display, power, and features. More than specs at play.

A Display Like No Other

The tablet’s design is grandiose, flaunting a 14.6-inch display that feels more like holding a mini TV than a traditional tablet. Its thin form factor, paradoxically paired with a spacious battery, defies expectations by refusing to snap under pressure.

Performance that Sets the Bar

Underneath the hood, the tablet houses a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, coupled with a vapor chamber cooling system, thus setting the stage for enhanced performance across the board. Multitasking, once a forte of Samsung’s tablets, is poised to become even more seamless. Gaming and video editing are set to be elevated, all while maintaining extended battery life thanks to the colossal 11,200 milliamp-hour power source – a feature surpassing even Apple’s flagship iPad.

Immersive Soundscapes

Sound quality receives a substantial boost, with 20% larger speakers aiming to create an immersive auditory experience. While perhaps not claiming the throne of “best-sounding speakers,” the tablet’s quad-speaker setup delivers impressive volume and minimal distortion, complemented by Dolby Atmos audio for an encompassing soundscape.

Built to Last

In terms of durability, the tablet steps up its game. It now flaunts an IP68 rating, rendering it water and dust-resistant, an innovation that might not find frequent use but could save the day in unexpected situations. Even the accompanying S Pen, an accessory synonymous with the Samsung tablet experience, joins the waterproof party with its own IP68 rating, now supporting bi-directional charging for added convenience.

Charging Evolution

Notably absent from the package, however, is a charging brick. A testament to the tablet’s capability, it can harness a robust 45-watt charging speed. While this potential isn’t realized out of the box, third-party options like Anker’s Prime desktop charger step in to fill the void with a more efficient, smaller, and multi-port solution. A 250-watt battery bank from Anker also takes center stage, boasting wireless charging and advanced features that eclipse traditional offerings.

The User Experience Factor

Amidst the numbers and specs that populate the tablet landscape, what truly stands out is the user experience. The tablet’s massive screen, fast refresh rate, and abundant RAM make media consumption a delight. However, the reviewer acknowledges that despite the tablet’s prowess and features catered toward power users, it might still fall victim to the “ecosystem effect.” Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, coupled with the allure of its established ecosystem, often sway users toward the familiarity of the iPad.


In a market where size matters, Samsung seeks to bridge the gap between oversized and expensive and compact and affordable. Drawing parallels to Apple’s product lineup, the reviewer highlights how offering more screen real estate without resorting to exorbitant pricing could be a strategy worth pursuing. The concept of a larger MacBook Air and a “Plus” iPhone emphasizes the desire for expansive displays without having to invest in the highest-tier products.

The Battle Beyond Specs

Ultimately, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra stands tall as a marvel of technology. It commands attention with its grand display, robust performance, and innovative features. The battle to dethrone Apple’s iPad Pro, however, is not solely waged on spec sheets; it’s a battle for hearts and minds, swayed by factors like ecosystem loyalty and brand identity. As the tech landscape evolves, it remains to be seen whether Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra can emerge victorious as the true “iPad killer.” Until then, the tablet arena continues to be an exciting arena for innovation and competition.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra embodies Samsung’s ambition to redefine the tablet market by combining cutting-edge hardware, enhanced features, and a grand display. Despite its impressive attributes, the question of whether it can truly unseat the iPad Pro as the tablet of choice hinges on factors beyond specifications – a conundrum where functionality, ecosystem loyalty, and personal preferences intertwine to shape the trajectory of the tablet landscape.


Does the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra support wireless charging for its S Pen?

Yes, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra supports wireless charging for its S Pen, which also comes with an IP68 rating.

Can the tablet’s speakers match the audio quality of other high-end devices?

While not claiming the title of “best-sounding speakers,” the tablet’s 20% larger speakers deliver impressive volume and a Dolby Atmos audio experience.

Is the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra suitable for power users?

Yes, the tablet’s abundant RAM, fast refresh rate, and powerful processor make it suitable for power users engaging in tasks like gaming and video editing.

Does the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra come with a charging brick?

No, the tablet does not include a charging brick. However, it supports a robust 45-watt charging speed and can be charged using third-party options.

Can the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra truly compete with the iPad Pro?

The competition between the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and the iPad Pro goes beyond specs, considering factors like ecosystem loyalty and brand preference. The true winner is yet to be determined.

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